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Sowing Sadhana: Planting the Seeds of Spiritual Practice

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Off-The-Mat Business Coaching

Are you a yoga teacher or light worker looking to build a profitable virtual business - or turn yours around if it's not working? Let's talk!

Summer Retreat for Teen Girls

Are you a teen wanting to develop your life in a stronger way through learning how to understand yourself and the world around you in deeper ways? Join us for a 5-day retreat this summer!

Sowing Sadhana: The Online Program

Are you ready for change in a big way and nothing else seems to be getting to things at the root? Join me for a guided 4-week online program in which you will discover what it means to understand, embrace & be empowered by your spiritual self.


My Vipassana Experience (Dhamma Bodhi – Gaya, India)

25 centuries ago lived a man - a prince - by the name of Siddartha. As he approached his late twenties, he started to realize that all of the luxuries in the world couldn’t bring him happiness. Everywhere he looked he saw misery was in everyone - and that it couldn’t...

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Yoga Is For You

Yoga isn't just for the skinny ones. The ones who appear to already be fit, and to already feel comfortable in their bodies.  Yoga isn't just for the flexible ones. The pretty little things who can contort their bodies into whichever positions they please.   Yoga...

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5-Step Guide to Vision Boards

The greatest thing about the New Year is that it is the peak point of each year that not only encourages reflection - but also manifestation. It is the perfect time to sit down and to really think about what you want for the year to come ahead. The problem though, is...

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