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Yoga Is For You

Yoga isn't just for the skinny ones. The ones who appear to already be fit, and to already feel comfortable in their bodies.  Yoga isn't just for the flexible ones. The pretty little things who can contort their bodies into whichever positions they please.   Yoga...

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5-Step Guide to Vision Boards

The greatest thing about the New Year is that it is the peak point of each year that not only encourages reflection - but also manifestation. It is the perfect time to sit down and to really think about what you want for the year to come ahead. The problem though, is...

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This Isn’t Yoga

This isn't yoga.  This is a picture of an asana. A yoga pose.  Anyone can do an asana.  Yoga is growing like wildfire. After nearly vanishing, it is now becoming part of mainstream culture in the biggest and most advanced cities of the world.   While in reality this...

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An Ode to You, Yoga Mat

You are the only consistent thing that's there for us, through every single practice.   You witness every step in each transformation.  Every drop of sweat   Every silent tear.    Yoga wouldn’t be the same without you, and even though we don't tell you enough - you...

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The Power of An Intention

Have you ever been to a yoga class, and the teacher started off the class with “Okay, I would now like us to take this time to set an intention”? I knew that the purpose behind the intention was good….but I was never quite sure what exactly this was supposed to mean,...

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