To Apply For Your 1:1 Call:

1) Scroll down and select a date and time in your time zone

2) Fill out the pre-call form from the link given at your confirmation (this is required to have the call)

3) Katie or someone on her team will contact you regarding your session – easy as that!

If you aren’t sure how this is could ever possibly be possible, are stuck charging hourly rates, are working a different job to be able to do your soul work on the side, aren’t having the success you hoped for, or are straight up convinced you can’t be abundant in the lightworker, life coaching, health or spiritual industries on your own – GIRL, I’VE GOT YOU.

Our clients come to us with extremely foggy visions of having a business that allows them to share their soul work with the world and change the lives of their clients. Working together, within a matter of MONTHS – they are crystal clear on their approach, and are living with their new business {making FULL-TIME INCOME}.

If you’re selected for a 1:1 call, together – we will discuss the gap that lies between where you are now, and where your dreams live. We’ll strategize about how to tackle this and achieve the exact results you are looking for in a partnership together over the next few months. If we are a good fit, we will talk about exactly what it will take to turn your skills into a highly profitable and established brand so that you can work more intimately with your students, on your own schedule, and from anywhere in the world!

Let’s start generating you thousands of dollars so that you don’t waste any more time before starting the abundant career you were ACTUALLY made for.


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“It has been 3 months since I started working with Katie. In 3 months, I have discovered AND created my dream job. I had no idea what exactly this would look like when I started thinking about working with Katie. I had no idea what my business would be, or even who I wanted this business to be for. In 3 months I have figured out exactly WHAT my new business is, exactly WHO it is for, and have launched my program. In only 3 months I have gained enough clients at a high enough price point that I am already making more than I have been making at my job i’ve held for FIVE YEARS. Because of my decision to work with Katie- in only THREE months, I have made my “daydream” a reality. I can quit my “real job” and do something that means so much more to me. I have been waking up with so much purpose and excitement. and after only THREE MONTHS I can sustain myself off this brand Katie helped me build. if you’ve been looking for a sign—- let this be it.”

-Haley, Spiritual Mentor

“A couple days after hiring Katie, I got my first client! I was going to charge next to nothing for my program, but Katie helped show me my worth and helped me confidently learn how to charge my program differently. I ended up closing at 3x what I was originally asking for – and I wouldn’t have done that without her help! She is so easy to work with, cares about what you’re doing and about your life, and challenges you to think outside the box while giving you the space to fully express yourself.”

-Gabe, Holistic Health & Life Coach




“Where do I even begin? Katie has been the most amazing mentor. Less than 2 months into working with her and building my program I landed my first client!! She is in complete alignment with her purpose and it’s an honor to be part of her work. Katie has helped me build a program and brand that not only resonates with my soul but had women asking to work with me before I finished building the program. CRAZY!!! Working with her has been nothing short of amazing! She mentors and coaches from a place of love and it shows. Hiring Katie has been the best investment I’ve made towards reaching my goals of living a life that I truly desire and offering services that are in alignment with my soul. I’m grateful for the community of light workers she’s created and will continue to work with her for future endeavors.”

– Stacey, Manifestation Coach


Working with Katie has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made for myself. I stand true to the fact that you cross paths with people at the exact divine timing you’re meant to, and I know that’s why I found Katie when I did. I have been wanting to start my own online business for YEARS, so that I could work remote/ travel, and reach more people with my teachings, but I never thought it was possible because I lacked the guidance, willpower and structure needed to actually make my dreams come true. When I first started Katie’s coaching program, I had no idea what I even wanted my business to be, and in just a few shorts months I was super clear on my niche, started booking calls, and landed my first high-ticket client! She has been such an amazing container for me while I build this new life for myself, and I can 100% say that I would have not been able to do it alone. She is brilliant, supportive, and you can tell she genuinely cares about not only your success, but uplifting humanity as a whole. And, the best part is that she gives you the tools + systems to keep growing and expanding your business even after the program ends. If you’re on the fence about hiring a business coach to finally make your dreams come true, Katie is your girl!!

– Amy, Soul Coach

“If you’re looking for someone who can be both a mentor and collaborator, Katie is it. Her program is structured and efficient, which is wonderful for a goal oriented person like me. At the same time, she gives you enough freedom to creatively find your place on your own. She’s receptive, flexible, and easy to bounce ideas off of. I am very thankful to have found Katie as she’s exactly what I needed to push my business along.”

-Alisa, Yoga Teacher