You are the only consistent thing that’s there for us, through every single practice.  

You witness every step in each transformation. 

Every drop of sweat  

Every silent tear.   

Yoga wouldn’t be the same without you, and even though we don’t tell you enough – you complete our practice, and to us that means so much. 

We are yogis, near and far, and you are the thing we all share in common – no matter the style, the country, the climate.  

And even though we sometimes don’t approach you for far too long, that’s not because of you – it’s because of us. You are the friendly reminder, propped up against the wall, that stares us down to remind us of what awaits when we unroll you. 

You bring us peace in allowing us a safe and consistent space to dive deep into our bodies, our minds, our souls.    

You remind us time and time again of the love that exists within the energy of the universe, and how that energy flows through every single thing if we look hard enough.   

You allow us a time that is dedicated completely to serenity and clearing our mind of thoughts that so desperately try to cloud the voices you reveal to us.   

You deliver joy to our hearts as we stretch away our anxieties, and strengthen the mountains we’ve built upon which we climb to rid ourselves of our stress.  

You bring us comfort in your ability to be laid out virtually anywhere with a flat surface, allowing us to escape into the magic of our minds and bodies whenever and wherever we please or need. 

You teach us stability as you never waiver in the moments of difficulty or pain we face as we move through our practice…always remaining a steady and sturdy place to land on.  

You bring us confidence in knowing that you fit perfectly snug as you sling around the back of our shoulder while we walk down the street, proud to show you off.  

You help us to build strength in our lives and in our bodies by allowing us 4 corners to re-center, rebalance, and focus on exactly this. 

And you never fail to leave us with happiness through your way of bringing us back to ourselves and to the moment, while reminding us that these things alone can reach any depths of the universe.  

So today, it’s hats off to you, yoga mat…you pretty thing.  

Thanks for being you – nothing more, nothing less. 

And thanks especially, for allowing us to be us…. 

nothing more, 

nothing less.