About Katie

Have you ever wondered what life could be like if you personally designed and hand-picked your reality? Have you always tried to shake that lingering thought buried deep in your mind that there’s got to be something more to all of this?

It’s time to stop wondering, and it’s time to stop shaking.

Hi, I’m Katie – and my passion is sowing sadhana. Let me explain.

It was the evening of my 23rd birthday as I sat in my car in an empty parking lot and let tears run down my face. “How did I get here?” I wondered through fear and shame.. and anger. How did my life amount to my all-time low 23 years from the day I entered this world?

And then it hit me.

I had dug this hole for myself. Certainly not intentionally in all ways, but I was the one who sat at the bottom of it. And so, I decided to stop digging – and to start climbing. Luckily, rock bottom can also be a great place to start building on.

The only tool I had was the last few months that I had started learning about spirituality and the power of the mind. It was my only key out and I grabbed it with all I had.

After 6 months of getting my goals organized and turning my attention on what I wanted and needed – I left to travel the world and haven’t stopped since.

After a while of diving into cultures and countries, I couldn’t shake the one thing that had become more real to me than anything I had ever known – those spiritual studies. So, I took to India to immerse myself in the yoga traditions and studies and obtain my teaching certification. And since then, everything has changed – because yoga is so much more than moves on a mat.

I am now 26 and I’m happy to state that I have achieved every single one of those goals I set for myself, and have a whole new list of them as well.

So what is sowing sadhana, you are wondering? Sowing sadhana is the act of planting the seeds of spiritual practice. Except, I don’t have to plant anything, because these seeds already live in each of you. All I am here to do is help you remember.

Because i’m living proof that remembering this is powerful enough to change a life. To hand-pick your reality. To discover the ever-more that exists just beyond our versions of reality.

# of hours of certified yoga training

# of countries i've explored

# of years living and testing these methods


% chance i can help you experience the magic, too!

I believe we are extraordinary beings trapped inside ordinary boxes, and that the way out – is through the mind.

Our seas, our forests, our skies and our animals are begging for us to WAKE UP to our potentials. Swim back to the stream of connection and bask in the beauty that is the infinite source of love existing all around us – down to the simple air that fills our lungs.

It’s time to water these seeds. Its time to grow, to bloom, to expand and to BE – alive & free.

Thanks for being here.

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