This isn’t yoga. 

This is a picture of an asana. A yoga pose. 

Anyone can do an asana. 

Yoga is growing like wildfire. After nearly vanishing, it is now becoming part of mainstream culture in the biggest and most advanced cities of the world.  

While in reality this should be amazing, it’s hard to not react. Because we haven’t created a culture of yoga – we have created a culture of asanas. And many of its students don’t even know what yoga is. And because of this, we prohibiting the beauty it is here to bring. A path we should refuse to dilute further along with so many in our society. Because when we dilute the path, we are inherently dulling down the growth yoga yearns to bring to those who are attracted to it. We’re walking people right up to the door, but only asking them to peek through it – not inviting them to step inside. 

In case you have been mistaken, yoga is not about what your workout clothes look like. Yoga is not about being skinny, in shape, or being able to bend your body into impressive shapes. Yoga is not a picture on Instagram of an asana pose with an inspirational quote. And yoga is not even a compilation of asana poses. 

In fact, if we’re being honest….the original yogis didn’t even practice asanas. They were only later developed as to gain complete control over the body to prepare it for meditation. Because it’s easier to sit in the same position for hours when you’ve learned to make your body feel as light as a feather.   

And even further, the asanas have little to do with yoga – they are merely a limb on the 8-fold path that helps guide you to yoga. 

Because yoga is something much, much different.  

In fact, “yoga” is an occurrence that happens in a moment, when the yogi reaches enlightenment – when the consciousness and energy combine, the body and mind combine, the individual and the universe combine… the ultimate union of everything.  



Full connection to the divine. God. Whatever you choose to call it.  

THIS moment, this is the definition of yoga.   

Because yoga isn’t a physical thing at all. It’s completely mental.  

And it takes years, sometimes lifetimes to accomplish. And the gift of enlightenment is only given to those with the discipline deserving of it. The ones who go searching for it, and who are – awake.  

The ones who live their life honoring the 8 limbs – and constantly practice things like non-violence, non-attachment, truth, compassion, contentment and modesty…. every single second. Think about that, and the loyalty it comes with.   

The ones who realize with every breath, our current version of “reality” is only a dream.  

The ones who’s consciousness can travel through time, space, and other dimensions.  

The ones whose eyes slip into a glossy overlay as they slip into the ecstasy of their deepest meditations, being revealed the answers to human kind’s biggest questions.  

The ones who see the divine in everything around them, and everything they do.  

The ones who know that the path to yoga is completely individual and different for everybody – and that comparison is poison. 

These are the yogis. These are the ones practicing yoga.    

Yoga is here to give so much to us – why are we selling it short? 

It is a way of life…   

The science of the culmination of every religion, fit for every human. 

A gateway to freedom from all disease and the effects of old age.   

The key of the door to all knowledge. 

And this – this, is a picture of an asana. 

And that’s a big difference.