The greatest thing about the New Year is that it is the peak point of each year that not only encourages reflection – but also manifestation. It is the perfect time to sit down and to really think about what you want for the year to come ahead. The problem though, is that the steam of these new resolutions starts to dwindle over the next few months. There are many reasons as to why this happens, however, there is quite a simple way to help prevent it – make a vision board. A collection of images and words that keep your mind inspired and your lip corners curved upwards. 

The entire point of a vision board is to induce one of the most beautiful laws of the universe, known as ‘The Law of Attraction’. If you aren’t familiar with this law, here is a quick run-down : 

Did you know that in the original story of Aladdin, he isn’t given 3 wishes by the Genie….but unlimited wishes? In the story, Aladdin represents the conscious mind – the decision maker – and the Genie represents the universe. This is because the law of attraction basically states : you can have anything you want, all you have to do is attract it to yourself. Each thought you have sends out a frequency into the universe, and by law, it is attracted to like frequencies and draws them to you. The key? Wanting it bad enough to keep your thoughts focused on it. One of the best ways to organize the things you want to attract – whether it be a new car, a change in a relationship, or getting the body you want – is to pour it all out onto a vision board.  

So, here is your 5 step guide to making your perfect vision board : 

  1. Set the Setting 

If you want your vision board to work, you have to take it seriously – and that all starts with how you create it. Because it is a very personal thing, it is recommended to set aside time alone to make it. But here is the fun part about that – you can adjust the atmosphere to exactly what YOU want. Light some candles, put on your favorite music, wear your cozy robe and slippers – or wear nothing at all! Before you know it, you will bring yourself into a very deep meditative state while making your board – and we all know how much of a beautiful thing that is, especially when it’s being used to actively help improve your life. 

  1. Choose Carefully 

Collect your medium for the vision board – magazines, newspapers, books, pictures, brochures, etc. Then, just sit down and start flipping pages. Cut anything out that makes you smile, makes your heart feel warm, makes you feel inspired, or makes you wonder. If you are making your board for very specific things you want to attract in your life – keep it centered around that. If you have no idea what exactly it is that you want, just cut it all out. Later, when you narrow down all of your pieces to arrange on your board, the ones that should stay and the ones that should go will speak to you naturally.  

  1. Placement is Key 

Now this is one of the most important parts. Once your board is finished, you have to put it in a place where you will see it often. A place where you will easily and frequently sit and ponder everything that is on it, without it having to be planned. Next to your bed, in your office, in the bathroom, etc. – wherever it is that you spend a lot of time thinking. It is essential that you spend time every single day just looking at your board, thinking about your board, and letting it make you feel good and inspired.  

  1. Visualize It 

When you are spending time with your board, don’t be afraid to close your eyes and imagine yourself already WITH everything it is that you want. See yourself driving that new car, see yourself happy in your relationship again, see yourself being proud of your body and showing it off openly. What happens when you do this, well, some may call magic. When you visualize yourself already with the things you want, you are giving yourself both the feeling of what it will feel like to already have it, and the courage to want it enough to not take no for an answer. Therefore, you are intensifying the frequency of your thoughts – attracting it to yourself more extremely than ever before.  

  1. Keep Your Eyes Open 

Allow yourself to witness the beautiful manifestations of everything you are creating! When you see the first step of a path light up to any of it, notice it! Take the first step. When you find yourself finally figuring out the answers to the riddles of your mind, notice it! Act on it. The universe is working for you – it has to, it’s the law. But you have to be the one to reach out and grab the gifts that it lays in front of you. You have to be the one to take the jumps. Be patient. It will come. 

Vision boards can be one of the greatest tools you use in your life – and they can be used in so many different ways! You can have one for your work life, for your personal life, for your life goals, or – you can just have your one extravagant beautiful one that pulls it altogether. Some say that finding some sort of correlating object to your board, such as a beautiful rock or bead, can be helpful for when you aren’t around your board. Keep it in your pocket or on your desk and whenever you notice it you are reminded to pause and take a moment to think about what is on that board, and how you can bring that into your day.  

Happy creating!