In the pit of my deepest rock bottom, I decided I was ready to release the mentality that I was victim to a reality where everything was happening TO me. I decided I was ready to do what nobody else would do for me - take radical responsibility of the fact that the direction of my entire life lay completely in the palm of my own hands. I decided that I could have, be & do every single thing that I wanted, and I was willing to risk it all for the life of my dreams.


Within 6 months, I quit my corporate job and boarded a plane with a one-way ticket to the other side of the world.


I was embarking on what would become a 3-year journey of backpacking around the globe. An epic path of self realization that would lead me to studying every avenue of what it meant to live with, and align to - our purpose. Studying yoga in ashrams in India, dancing my face off barefoot through SE Asia, driving the entire country of Costa Rica living in a car I bought at a festival & sitting in ceremonies with shamans while living in Peru were just some of the moments I found myself in were just some of the moments & opportunities I manifested into my experience.


There was quite literally nothing I said no to if I felt the pull of light from the core of my belly. I would find the money & make it happen. I began to live my life based completely off of intuition + within this realm, began to realize that I could manifest eerily specific things into my field whenever I wished.

& I inevitably started to pay attention & shift into what this meant for my own potential. What this could mean for my entire human experience. And what it could mean for others.

What I realized is that I had tapped into an energetic grid that expanded way past the boundaries and possibilities of this 3D realm. We are absolutely able to create freedom, abundance, purpose, success & love on demand exactly as we wish - if we are willing to do the activating work, and remember the magic that exists all around us.


I found an unexpected pull towards the virtual industry, and began to devour what it meant to build a business online from your soul, share it with the world - and then get to be financially independent & location free while doing so.

I quickly realized the exhilarating and confronting path of building a business online was one of the deepest forms of spiritual alignment and purpose answering journeys someone could undertake. It was like declaring to the universe every single day “this is who I am becoming and what I’m creating for my life”.


After building my own virtual business, I excitedly stepped into the role of business coach as a means to help fellow light workers set up the foundations on the path to freedom & a 6-figure business - for doing the good work.

And through this, on an even deeper realm - I began teaching the energetics of quantum manifestation & alignment that had been the evolving underbelly of my entire journey from the beginning.



Years later from that night of my rock bottom - I’m living the exact life I saw a glimmering vision of that night in my car. I’ve reinvented myself into the version of me that gets to have it all.

I currently live in Maui, Hawaii - next to the beach & with the love of my life. And I spend my days helping other women step into their glimmering visions, too.

I’m here to activate you and to hold open the portal door to the life of your dreams, so that you walk through. Our purpose is to remember who we are & allow HER to take the steering wheel - knowing that everything SHE does, creates & becomes… is nothing short of an endless dance with the divine.

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