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School stressing you out? Drama with friends? Crumbling under pressure? Anxious? Depressed? This is the spot for you! Last summer, we spent 5 days together in the forests outside of Leavenworth in a great big log cabin. We gathered to nourish, to practice yoga, to meditate, to learn, to create, to connect, to appreciate, to dance, to reflect & to shed.

This summer….we’re doing it again! Bigger, better and deeper into the soul. Join us as we head to Vashon Island for the 3rd annual Sowing Sadhana (5-day and 4-night overnight) retreat August 13th – 17th! Our sanctuary of a cabin is located RIGHT on the ocean this year and is sure to be the perfect place to unwind. Keep scrolling to learn more…

Katie Blair

And my passion is Sowing Sadhana….let me explain. 4 years ago my life flipped upside-down and I found myself at an all-time low. I was lost, confused and ultimately unhappy with the direction my life was going. Then something happened. I was introduced to yoga. You see…yoga is so much more than moves done on the mat. SO. MUCH. MORE. And allowing yourself to discover and awaken your spiritual self, is equivalent to allowing the word ‘impossible’ to vanish from your vocabulary. Because it all becomes possible – anything you want.

My life has since become consumed with learning all things spiritual and I’ve spent the last nearly 4 years traveling all around the world to discover what this means in all ways. I came home into my soul, my mind, my body and control of my reality when I studied yoga in India and became a certified teacher. Now I am 27, and my goal is to share this knowledge with as many as I can. I have always loved working with younger women being that I have four little sisters of my own – and I believe you guys have the power to change the world. So, I’m starting with you!

So… what is Sowing Sadhana, you ask? Sowing Sadhana is the act of planting the seeds of spiritual practice. Except, I don’t have to plant anything because these seeds already exist inside each of you, all I am here to do is help you remember. To help you water them, grow them…and watch yourself BLOOM.

The Retreat

The goal of this 5-day retreat is to provide a space to empower each of you to better understand yourself, those around you, the world around you, and the depth of your capabilities. To become a healthier version of yourself. To feel more comfortable in your body. To learn easy ways take care of the Earth we live on. To hault the drama and shed the things that are no longer serving you, so that you can focus your attention on things that LIFT you – allowing you to step into a better version of yourself. To provide a safe space for the unique issues facing this generation. To teach you powerful tools that you aren’t being taught in school. Ultimately….Katie and three very special surprise guests/teachers, want to help you remember you are a bright shining light, and that when you stand in your light – you give others permission to do so, too

There will be an itinerary for each day of the week that will be provided to attendees on the first day of the retreat. Some topics of exploration to expect & a sample itenerary are listed below!

Topics of Exploration


What is yoga, really? Through workshops, discussion and daily yoga flows, we will discover how deep and powerful the practice of yoga can really be! We will experience what it means to feel empowered by awakening our bodies with movement, and connecting it to the mind and soul.


Through daily guided meditations and discussions, we will learn about this powerful tool and help you establish a way to bring it into your daily routine. We will cover what it is, how to do it and different ways to use it for different purposes.


Through some exciting and sometimes disgusting health-related workshops, we will transform how we view our relationship to our bodies. In addition, throughout the week we will learn how fun and easy it can be to eat and cook healthy. This week will leave you feeling like a million bucks!


Sometimes we don’t realize how harmful some of our ways of living can be, but if we knew – we would be outraged that this knowledge isn’t well-known. There will be a few special and deep workshops through which we will face some hard truths about what is happening to the world around us, but also – how simple some of the changes are that we can make to prevent them!


Come by yourself or come with your friends – it won’t matter! This week will dive into true connection with each other, and the crazy feminine power that can come from that! The emotion that comes from some of the conversations and breakthroughs while opening up to each other are beautiful and transformative building blocks to treating others and ourselves better.


Don’t worry, there will be no shortage of play time! The retreat is located on lots of land with opportunity for running around outside, exploring, swimming, dancing, hot-tubbing, bonfires, games, free time and much more!

Sample Itinerary

**PLEASE NOTE** : This retreat is designed to turn off distractions and allow you to completely disconnect and re-center with likeminded girls. To do this, we encourage phones to be placed into a box for the majority of the retreat – only needed to check in with family occasionally (families will have access to teachers 100% of the time). In addition, a bed time of 10:30pm is strictly enforced as we wake up early and enjoy jam-packed days! If you choose to join us – please expect to abide by these rules so that the group can all get the most out of the experience!

The Accomodation

Join us this year at our oceanfront beach getaway cabin! Just a ferry ride outside of Seattle, we will escape the city for the beautiful Vashon Island. There will be plenty of time for sun bathing, swimming & hiking nearby trails so we can soak up the sea! The house is equipped with enough bunk beds that each girl will enjoy her own bed equipped with pillow & blanket!

Sierra is returning for the second time this summer! She is devoted to heart-centered living that nourishes and heals from the inside out. Growing up in Idaho and California, she is grateful for the access to nature in these places, and the way it nurtured her love and reverence for nature. She has been practicing yoga since 2010 and began teaching after her 200-hour RYT in 2016. She believes that the only “right” way to do yoga is the way that is right for the individual.  Her university studies in child development and family relations are an extension of her deep care for human connection and supporting youth in their fullest expression. She can be found at ecstatic dance, sharing song with friends, getting creative in the kitchen, or playing outside with the elements. Sierra currently lives in Marin County, CA where she is fortunate to be a Spirit Rock staff member, helping people register for silent meditation retreats. Similar to her work with Gaia Girls Passages, as a Sowing Sadhana mentor, she is inspired to support the next generation of women in connection to their own body wisdom, inner peace, each other as sisters, the natural world and greater community. She is deeply grateful and excited to be returning for another incredible week with Sowing Sadhana. (Website: sierrarose.space)


Gabrielle is an enthusiastic, motivating, down to earth woman with a taste for adventure seasoned with a dash of reality. Since she was 18 years old she set out to travel the world, now 10 years later she has been to almost every continent. Her exposure to different food, culture, dance, music, wonderful people and experiences has given her a unique perspective on life. She believes fully in the power of the mind and that people are able to learn, know and grow themselves to be able to live to their fullest potential. And that’s what she does for work! Brings people back to themselves. She studied at the Institute for Intergrative Nutrition and the Trantric Institute where she studied under the top figures and role models in nutrition, health and wellness. She specializes in Natural Healing, is a teacher of how Food is Medicine and guides clients using tools to transform their bodies, minds and emotions. She practices making mistakes and emphasizes learning from them 😉 She is passionate about being out in nature, hiking, going on road trips, meeting new people, having engaging conversations, picking strawberries in home gardens, dancing in her room and singing all while integrating balance.


Obsidian is excited and looking forward to joining us as a Sowing Sadhana mentor and counselor for the first time this year! She was born and raised in Las Vegas and a few of her passions include: hosting mindful workshops and women circles, teaching and practicing yoga, women’s wellness, traveling, and exploring nature. Obsidian has worked with children since she was an young teen herself, and has always been very passionate about supporting youth during their middle and high school years to help them navigate through the tough stuff that comes with being a teenager. 

Haley is a Spiritual Mentor, certified yoga instructor and all around badass. After struggling with a long life of anxiety and depression, she began a deep dive and after spending several years of extensive studies of all things spirituality, mental health, emotional well being – Haley was able to unlock many secrets & tools to creating your most liberating experience. She has been living this Magick for about five years now, and her passion is helping other women discover, cultivate and maintain this magick of a liberated existence in their own day to day lives.


*$50 REFUND For Every Person Who Registers Under Your Name*

Limited Space Available – RESERVE YOUR SPOT!

What Attendees Are Saying

“When I first decided to go on the retreat I didn’t know what to expect. I think it was magic that lead me to going, now. The things I learned have changed me and I’m genuinely happier because of them. I have brought home peace and good vibes. One of the best things that ever happened to me!”


“At first I wasn’t sure about the whole yoga and healthy eating thing…but by the end of the camp I felt rejuvenated, excited and happy that I was going home knowing about the things I had learned. I use them as much as I can in my everyday life.”


“I had an amazing time at the retreat! I really enjoyed the dancing and all the fun learning. The meditations allowed me to connect with myself more and through listening to the leaders, I learned how to hold onto that connection. I feel more grounded and watched over since leaving. I now have the tools to access calmness and peace within myself.. something I am very thankful for. It was a magical and inspiring experience!”


“At first I was hesitant to go to the camp because I would not know anybody, but since going to the camp I have learned more about myself and I have met my best friends. Katie and the girls had such a great impact in my life and I am so thankful to be apart of the family she created. I love them with all my heart!”


“Katie has had such a big impact on my life. Her vast knowledge and teachings have brought so much positivity to my life. She has inspired me to make healthy choices for my mind, body and spirit. Her teachings have opened up a healthier and happier lifestyle for me and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to attend one of her retreats.”


“Sowing Sadhana awakened a part of me that I didn’t know existed. Being surrounded by such empowering and positive people for just five days has had such an amazing impact on my everyday choices and mindset. Katie’s teachings have changed the way I look at the world and she has inspired me to be embrace my true self.”


“After this retreat, my life has changed forever! Sowing Sadhana has provided me with so much knowledge and help in areas of my life that are not taught in school. When I left camp I felt so happy and full of life and I owe it all to Katie, Kristin, Sierra and the all of the girls who I got to know and love throughout the week. If you are even thinking about attending this retreat, it is the place for you. Come join the sisterhood! Everybody is welcomed with open arms.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be coming?
Any teenage girl is welcome to join! We have space for about 20 girls and are expecting to fill it up – so reserve your spot ASAP! Katie, along with three very special surprise guests/teachers, will be leading the retreat and at the house the entire duration of it.
Where will it be?
This year we have booked an extravagant house right on the ocean on Vashon Island! The exact location will be given to parents upon request a few days before the retreat.
How do we get there?
The morning of the retreat, there will be a designated meeting spot determined as a central location by those attending. From there, rides will be provided to and from the house if you choose the ‘Retreat Admission + Transportation’ option. Drop-off will be the afternoon of the last day in the same meeting spot as the first day. If any attendee cannot get rides to or from the meeting spot, we can try our best to arrange alternate transportation.
How much does it cost and how do I sign up?
The cost of the retreat is currently $697-$747, depending on if you need transportation or not. Scroll up to view the pricing tables which display all the details of what is included.

If the full amount cannot be paid upfront, a non-refundable deposit of $250 is also available as an option to secure a spot. Full amount must be paid by July 30th.

If you wish to attend and this is something that your family cannot afford, please also email hello@katie-blair.com to discuss possible scholarship opportunities.

What do we need to bring?
All you will need to bring is your clothing/ toiletries for the week, a signed waiver, and a yoga mat! A packing list and the waiver will be sent out the week before the retreat starts.
What will the schedule be like?
The days will be fun-filled with lots of activities, games, workshops, discussions, yoga flows, etc. However, there will definitely be some free time allotted everyday as well for attendees to enjoy themselves and the property on their own! Scroll up to view a sample itinerary of what to expect day-to-day at the retreat!
Is it weird if I come alone?
NOT AT ALL! This is actually encouraged! The retreat will provide you the opportunity to make lots of new friends and group activities will allow everyone to get to know each other very quickly. Coming with friends is definitely fun – but coming alone is, too! Just read the attendee testimonials 🙂
What are the sleeping arrangements like?
Every attendee will have their own bed equipped with a blanket and a pillow!

*$50 REFUND For Every Person Who Registers Under Your Name*

Limited Space Available – RESERVE YOUR SPOT!

What Parents Are Saying

“We recently moved to Chicago over the summer. I sent my daughter on this retreat to learn more about herself and enhance her communication. I thought it would help her get ready for a new school. It’s always a beautiful thing when young women can inspire each other. She had an amazing time and will definitely be back next summer. Thank you Katie and team for making her feel special from the first meeting – through the entire experience. This retreat is for any teen that wants a fun, positive experience!”


“At 15, my daughter attended the retreat last summer and learned a number of skills that helped her adjust for a big cross-country move, including starting at a new school in 10th grade. She learned some yoga moves, breathing techniques and easy meditations to get through the anxiety and stress that comes with such a move, but also the smaller scale things like normal high school drama. She also learned better eating habits – she hasn’t had a soda since the retreat! We are excited to send her back this summer as a 16 yr old to continue learning from Katie and meet more new friends.”


“Great service! Was very helpful to me as a parent, gave my daughter an enriching experience she will never forget. She has strong passions for new interests and I am really impressed. 10 out of 10.”


“My 16-year-old daughter attended this camp and she was ALL smiles afterward!  On a scale of 1 to 10 she gave it a 20.  She was already interested in yoga, healthy eating, sustainability, and adventure and she got to meet like minded people, both the other teens and the staff.  She can’t wait to attend next year!”


“My daughter attended Katie’s camp last summer and came home with a huge smile and an energy I hadn’t seen in a long time. She practiced yoga and mediation, learned about healthy eating, sustainability and had the chance to connect with other teens in a way that is so rare in our over-stimulated, technology obsessed world. The location was beautiful and provided them the opportunity to enjoy nature and unwind, and just have fun. Katie is an exceptional role model and has so much wisdom to share with the girls. She truly practices what she preaches and continues to inspire my daughter through her love of travel, yoga/mindfulness and learning about other cultures. My daughter is already looking forward to next year’s camp!”


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