Yoga isn’t just for the skinny ones. The ones who appear to already be fit, and to already feel comfortable in their bodies. 

Yoga isn’t just for the flexible ones. The pretty little things who can contort their bodies into whichever positions they please.  

Yoga isn’t just for the strong ones. The fierce ones who could take a nap in chaturanga, or hold themselves in an inversion as long as they please.  

Yoga is for everyone.  

Yoga isn’t just for the spiritualists. The magical beings who can take their meditations to the outer realms of the universe, and sit in lotus position for hours.  

Yoga isn’t just for the hippies. The wild souls who find freedom in using the asanas as forms of expressions of their body, and find solace in having found an outlet that encourages natural and raw beauty – no matter the form it comes in. 

Yoga isn’t just for the fit middle-aged generation. The tough ones who find peace on their mat at the end of a long day looking after their family, job and home.  

Yoga is for everyone. 

Yoga isn’t just for women. The goddesses who are able to harness Mother Earth and express Her beauty as Her energy flows through their bodies. 

Yoga isn’t just for men. The lions who find their strength to get through any battle in life by first conquering them on their mat.  

Yoga isn’t just for adults. Though able to harness and understand the concepts of the practice more easily, it is our duty to introduce it to the children. 

 Yoga is for everyone. 

Too often we hear the words “yoga isn’t for me” as we try to convince a friend or a co-worker to come to class with us. Their list of excuses usually includes at least one of the above in a way that states “I can’t even touch my toes…” or “I need to lose some weight first” or “then will I have to start drinking green tea and smoking weed?”  

This is where yoga has gone wrong. Because yoga isn’t just for one, yoga is for everyone.  

So next time this happens, this is what I’ll say: 

Yoga is for you. It is for me, it is for you, and it is for every single human being you come into contact with today – and every day. 

Yoga isn’t about being fit. 

Yoga isn’t about being flexible. 

Yoga isn’t about being strong. 

Yoga isn’t about being spiritual, or being a hippie, or jumping on the huge yoga bandwagon that is growing in our culture at exponential rates.  

Yoga isn’t about being a woman, a man, an elder, a middle aged, a young adult, a teenager, or a child.  

Yoga is about being you, and every little detail that comes with that.  

It doesn’t judge, and strongly encourages slow starts as you spend your first few weeks discovering what those feet of yours feel like. It wants you to take it easy, to go at the pace only you choose. And it will reward you with the yummiest feelings as your baby steps turn into noticeable accomplishments.  

It cares about your body as much as you do – sometimes even more. And as you move through a practice, no matter how slow or how extreme, the energy it creates of which flows through your body and mind are cleansing you of toxins, of diseases, and of negativity.  

It teaches you to discover who you are – without all the noise. Who you are without the labels, the achievements, the awards, the titles, the materials. It teaches you who you are when all of that is gone and you are sitting with yourself in silence. Because that’s the most important you.  

It brings about questions in your mind that you’ve never thought of. About this world we live in, why we’re here and what our purpose is. And it brings you answers – that will completely blow your mind out of the water and intrigue you to forever be digging deeper.  

It gives you a pathway to peace, and a reliable door to open if and when that pathway is ever needed.  

And because of this, it changes your life. 

So, no…..yoga isn’t just for me.  

Yoga is for you.